Structure of NEYAL

NEYAL is made up of two purchasing Groups – Books and Journals – and the Steering Committee.


Steering Committee:

The Steering Committee provides strategic direction for NEYAL and oversees the activity of the two Purchasing Groups.

The Steering Committee is made up of five Chief Librarians/Directors drawn from the member libraries, with one of these elected as Chair.

At present, the administrative management of NEYAL is based at Sheffield Hallam University. Nick Wooley (Sheffield Hallam University) is the Chair of the Steering Committee.

Purchasing Groups:

The Purchasing Groups develop, implement and monitor purchasing agreements. The Groups are made up of 6 library members, plus a Purchasing Officer.

The Groups meet with suppliers twice a year to review their performance, based on survey feedback from our member libraries. Any issues are raised with suppliers on the behalf of members.

Purchasing Group Chairs:

The Chairs have overall responsibility for managing contracts, with the support of the NEYAL Administrator and the Purchasing Groups.

Currently, Claire Williams (Leeds Beckett University) is the Chair of the Books Group and Steve Sharp (Sheffield Hallam University) is the Chair of the Journals Group.

Purchasing Officers:

Each Purchasing Group has a Purchasing Officer who provides purchasing advice and support in the selection and management of purchasing agreements.

At present, Russell Brewood (Leeds Beckett University) is the Books Group Purchasing Officer and Rachael Devlin (Durham University) is the Journals Group Purchasing Officer.

NEYAL Administrator:

The Administrator is employed by one of the member libraries, and appointed by the host library. The role of the Administrator is to provide administrative support for the consortium, arranging supplier review meetings and is the first point of contact for queries.

The NEYAL Administrator is Miriam Griffiths based at Sheffield Hallam University.

For more detailed information on NEYAL, please see the Constitution which is available on Google Drive. If you do not yet have access to this, please contact the NEYAL Administrator who will provide members with access.